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Founded by Nicolas Gonzales & Maxime Jousse, Future Management scouts and manages young talents eager to become professional driver.

Born To Race – Live To Win
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Nicolas is a former professional kart racer, based in France. He evolved during 10 years at the highest level by being a factory driver for several manufacturers.

Being of the Leclerc, Gasly, Ocon generation, he regularly fought with them when he was younger, and received the same training as them by being like them a member of the French Karting Team for 3 years.

A pedagogue and very involved in the training of a driver, he has been coaching for several years now, while also getting involved in management.




Maxime is a former professional race driver, based in UK and Asia for many years, now living in France.

After a 12-year international career (F4, Formula Renault, F3, LMP2, Porsche Carrera Cup, GT3) which allowed him to collaborate with the best teams around the world, he has also built strong ties with major players in motorsport.

Eager to pass on his knowledge on a technical and mental level, he first coached young Asian drivers for several years, before becoming involved in the management side of things as well.

They then joined forces, to create a modern structure for driver : Future Management

« Our expertise and experience after managing and coaching young drivers for many years led us to define our own method, to create a taylor made environment around the drivers so they can get the most out of themselves. »

We are present in Europe and Asia, from karting to single seaters, GT and Endurance.


Our mission is clear, maximize the opportunities for our drivers to have a successful career and become professional.

To reach our goal, we focus on a deep driver’s profile analysis, that will allow us to understand his personality, his skills and his weaknesses. We will set together the targets, and the goals to be reached, and then we can create a tailor-made unit around the driver, so he has the best chances to succeed.  

We are providing support throughout the season, before, during, and after the races. But also pre-season preparation, personalized fitness program and follow up, training camp, media strategy and training, and a social media cover for our drivers, in order to respond to our clear long term plan. Our expertise is our strength to define the best career path for drivers, and to find the right team in the right championship.

Negotiating with teams and get the best agreements will be our priority as much as the action on track. 


To create the best environment around the driver and to deal with all different situations during a race weekend, the support of an experienced personal driver coach is strongly recommended.

Our team includes different driver coaches with different backgrounds and levels of experience in motorsport.

Coaching, monitoring and supporting the driver, dealing with the ups and downs of a race weekend, making sure the relation between the driver and the team is productive and beneficial, to have a personal driver coach will allows our drivers to focus on the essential points to their progression.

physical preparation

The results on track are only the fruit of a long preparation, and all the hard work that has been made before the event. The physical condition is one parameter that has to be on point, and turning a young driver or a teenager into an athlete will be our goal.

We know how to provide a high level training program matching a busy school schedule or any other lifestyle. This preparation will be a big part of our mental training as well, which is another priority for us.

Training camp, personal trainer, constant dialogue, daily reports from the driver coach, and much more, those are the tools we have to reach our targets.

Our Drivers

They are our pride and joy! Here are our Future-Management talents.

Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak

Thai driver, 15 years old. Tasanapol has evolved in karting within the official KR (Kart Républic) team. In 2021, he is making his debut in Formula 4, in UAE and British championship.

van Walstijn

Dutch driver, 18 years old. Winner of the Rotax Grand Final in 2018, he will be entered in KZ2, with the CPB Sport Team. The objectif?  Reaching the top of  FIA Karting races.


Sri Lankan driver, born in 2007. KZ2 International driver from CPB Sport team. 


Monaco driver born in 2006. He is driving in IAME X30 & OK with VDK Racing Team.


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